About LBC

LBC is a direct communication from God to the founder, Robert Onuorah

LBC community is emerging strongly as a Great Family  of God’s people with BLESSED ASSURANCE of their Salvation in Jesus Christ  who is exalted as the ALL IN ALL.

Our world is Graced. Our space is assured and peaceful.

Our robe is Salvation. Our expectation is Glory.  Our experience is Delightful. Our encounters are Divine.

God is our Father and Jesus Christ is our Big Brother

We recognise and believe in the Unconditional Love of the Father for his children. We bask in the pleasures of the Glorious liberty of the sons of God. We encourage direct familiarity and intimacy with God the Father. We highly appreciate the undeserving privileges conferred on us by a loving magnanimous Father.

We are a free and exuberant people  but yet purposefully driven by the passion to please our Father through ever increasing intimacy with the Person of Jesus Christ through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Under the preeminent Influence of The Holy Spirit, we enjoy great latitudes of freedom, spiritual & emotional exuberance.

Our community is a safe and secure place where all members are encouraged to express their unique individual identity in Christ.

We recognise the royalty conferred on all sons of God as kings. Consequently we view impossibilities as Possibilities, Giants as Grasshoppers, Mountains as Mole hills, and Oppositions as Opportunities.

We believe that all members have access to God’s GRACE…UNMERITED favour. Members are strongly encouraged to confidently access and appropriate God’s grace. We are governed by the Principle of Grace and not by Merits, by the Principle of God’s Love and not ecclesiastical rules. Our righteousness is of Faith and not of the Law. The pursuit of a Living Relationship with the Living God replaces Ecclesiastical Restrictions & Regulations in our community. In LBC community,

  • Unhealthy Inhibitions are cast off
  • Inspiration flows unhindered
  • Innovation is encouraged
  • Liberty replaces limitation
  • Freedom displaces Fear
  • Doubts are dissolved
  • Existence is Graced & Effortless


We will be glad to introduce you to the Captain of our Community. His name is Jesus originally from Nazareth.


Jesus Christ is the  passion of our hearts, the preoccupation of our minds and our persistent daily pursuit.


Our mission is to proclaim to the world that Jesus is the Lord and the Christ. Through His ministry we endeavour to preach the gospel to the poor, proclaim freedom for captives, healing to the broken-hearted, deliverance to the oppressed, recovery of sight to the blind and the abundance of Grace to the needy.