Get Involved

Share the gifts that God has blessed you with! No matter your ideas, creativity, talent & skills, we need you! 

Getting involved is part of being part of any community. This is no different for Church and getting involved means that you will get the most out of Church Life, Create new friendships and deepen your relationship with our God.

There are many ways to get involved in the life of Church and there will always be a need. So whether you are interested in joining technical, media, ushering, choir, you are going to be more than welcome. Getting involved in the midweek activities apart from the Sunday Service is also an option. So, why not speak to one of our leaders who will be more than happy to accommodate you however God leads you.

As a young but growing church we want to develop activities that will meet the needs of the congregation. We are also very keen for everyone to have the opportunities to play their role such as joining existing activities or maybe starting new ones. We are always open to hear new suggestions and ideas, so please do speak to us and let us know what it is for you to want to get more involved.

Why not Volunteer?

Since we are a young and growing church, we appreciate the time volunteers offer with their skills to help the Church grow. If you are so led and want to try it, there will always be a specific volunteering opportunities that include: youth and children’s work, community projects, music, project management, sound technology and welcome team.

Speak to us at our next meeting or if you cannot wait until then, email us and let us know your ideas.